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Buying a bike, especially nowadays with the electric bicycles, deserves extra attention. It is a purchase which you want to enjoy for years. Therefore, we will take time to inform you to our best. Also we would like tot welcome you for all bike parts and accessories. If you are looking for a special item we don’t have in stock, we order that for you, at no additional cost and usually available within a day. We wish you a warm welcome in our modern shop in the Kerkstraat.


Repair or maintenance, we will inform you in advance about the costs so you won’t have any unpleasant suprises if you come tot collect your bike. If we encounter unexpected repairs, we will contact you shortly.

Of course we also have rental bikes. Do book like this in advance to avoid disappointment. If you do not have the opportunity to bring your bike yourself, we have a pick up service where you can use for a fee .

Marco has got over 23 years of experience
We strive for the best customer satisfaction
No additional delivery costs if you buy a bike
It is possible to deliver the bike at your place
Free mounting accessories when buying a bike
We change your saddle for free if you don’t like it
Free 1st service with your new bike

It is possible to trade in your old bike
3 months BOVAG garantee on repairs/maintenance
3 months garantee when you purchase a 2nd hand bike
We have rental bikes availible
Very experienced mechanics
We only use products of the best quality

accessoires 2

In our shop we have a large variety of parts and accessories based on the bike collection we have. So weather you are looking for a bright coloured helmed or a bike cage, you can find it in our shop.

In case you are searching for something we don’t have in stock, we wil order it (free of charge) for you. Most of the time, we will have this part available the next day

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Our workshop, that’s something we are very proud of. Our professional mechanics will do their best to get you back on the road as quickly a possible. Annually the mechanics are getting technical training courses to keep up with the latest technologies

If you lost the key of your bike, you wille be able to order a new key at the websites of AXA, ABUS or Trelock. Save, easy and fast. Within some days you will have your new key delivered at your home. Notice! You can only order a new key, using the number which you can find on the key itself.
In our store you are welcome for service and maintenance of your bike, garantee of your bike, bike inssurance, keyservice and of course for your flat tire or other bike problems
On all our bikes and repairs you will have BOVAG warantee. So no suprises for you